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The Physics Department intends to inspire pupils with natural physical phenomena and how an understanding of them can lead to man-made wonders. In addition, we seek to prepare pupils for the 21st Century world.

We intend to achieve our primary aim with a mixture of encouragement, nurturing and discipline.

We encourage pupils to:

  • Think
  • Investigate
  • Question
  • Calculate
  • Estimate
  • Communicate
  • Plan

Broadly speaking, the Lower 5 to Upper 5 follow the Edexcel IGCSE Programme of Study.

In the sixth form, we follow the OCR course "Physics A". This course is practically driven and has a high level of demand. We plan several trips each year. In the recent past, we have been to CERN, the European Particle Physics laboratory, the Cambridge 'Physics at Work' event, the Norfolk & Norwich radiology department and Morley Farm, to investigate how Physics is applied in a farming environment.

For all pupils, we have provided a wealth of material on the school's Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), which members of the school have access to at vle.norwich-school.org.uk

To support our pupils further, we have after school sessions three times a week. In those sessions, pupils can ask for extra help, discuss interesting Physics topics from the news, chat with our sixth form pupils about what they are doing or attend seminars delivered by our older pupils or visiting speakers.

We encourage pupils to work independently and to think up projects that we are happy to support with our well-stocked and supported prep room.


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