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Post War Expansion

1951 - The Headmaster's lodging was moved from School House to no. 16 The Close. 68 The Close was leased to the school for teaching purposes.

1953 - From sponsorship of the Dyers, the site of the Lodge was reconstructed into a teaching block with cloakrooms below.

1957 - The Fleming Block of science labs and the refurbishment of the Gym was almost solely sponsored by the Dyers company.

As accommodation developed and facilities improved, wider games options and many extra- curricular activities begin to flourish continuing to develop to the present day. The curriculum and subjects taught took on a structure similar to the one that continues today.

1958 - The Dean and Chapter agree to the lease of The Old Bishop's Palace to the school together with substantial grounds.

1961 - School Refectory was opened .

1962 - The refurbished Old Bishop's Palace opens as a boarding house. New gateway constructed from the gates donated from The Octagon Chapel.

1969 - Reynolds Library opened in the once private chapel of Bishop Reynolds, sponsored by the company of Dyers.

1963 - Music added as a teaching subject to the school curriculum.

1972 - Building of a new Lower School.

Purchase and construction of The Redmayne Sports field at Sprowston.

1976 - Opening of The Carter Centre for Advanced Practical Studies in Art, Design and Technology.

1980 - First teacher of Computing appointed and purchase of 3 computers.

1983 - 71 The Close was leased from the Dean and Chapter as a Sixth Form Centre, eventually evolving into a much needed Music School.

Pupil numbers continue to rise - 670 in 1975 and 750 in 1984.

1986 - New Pavilion on Lower Close sports field.

1994 - The first cohort of girls entered the Sixth Form with an ultimate aim of girls in all years to make the school co-educational.


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