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Inter War Years

The Head Masters, W.F Brown (1911-1930) and T.W.G Acland (1930-1943) re-model the school in the face of social change enforced and stimulated by the First World War. The curriculum broadened to include sciences and woodwork. Many practical subjects took place in the large hut on the playground.

1912 - Day boys were set in Houses (Nelson, Parker and Brooke) after the famed Old Norvicensians as the numbers in boarding fluctuated and the process of becoming predominantly a day school was set in process.

1927 - The main school sport, football was replaced by rugby. Compulsory games was added to the curriculum. The new gymnasium was opened on the site of the Blake's Studio which was a revolutionary idea for a school; previously it had a gym in The Chapel Crypt with all of its pillars.

During the 1930s, numbers of pupils fluctuated owing to the difficult financial conditions of the great depression. Some attempt was made to match pupils to facilities available and a selection process was made from prospective applicants. School numbers were 267 in 1935.

1936 - The school uniform of blue blazers and grey trousers was introduced for all pupils.

1937 - The school playing fields in The Lower Close were levelled and widened to the site that exists today. Before this, the fields had a double existence as rented meadowland for farm animals and occasional sports activities.

Renovation of old and ancient buildings in this period was a constant strain on the school finances.


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