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Norwich School involved in collaborative art exhibition at Finborough School

19 April 2017

Norwich School are delighted to have been involved in a collaborative art exhibition which focussed on sharing of knowledge, skills and best practice across a range of artistic disciplines. The aim was to enable each school to push pupils further and to even higher standards than could be achieved alone if staying within the parameters of each academic establishment.

The exhibition was held at Finborough School and included the work of pupils at Finborough, Norwich School and Dereham Sixth Form College. Finborough School, Norwich School and Dereham Sixth Form College are in a rich vein of form with a large number of Art and Design students obtaining places at some of the best Art institutions in the world. The exhibition was a great place to exchange ideas, reflect critically and of course develop networking skills in time for University.

Mr Downey, Head of Art at Finborough School, said of the event “At a time when Schools seem to be placing less emphasis on the Arts it’s refreshing to see so much creativity, idea generating and individuality in this exhibition.”

Norwich School Finborough School Art

Norwich School Art Exhibition Finborough School


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