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Athlete Support Academy (ASA) Programme

The ASA programme is a new initiative providing additional Sports Science and sport-specific support to all our pupils to maximise their chance of achieving success.  The criteria for sporting success are different for each pupil and can vary from reaching representative levels to improving a personal 10k time. To develop their performance, pupils on the programme have access to a number of different support clinics and workshops.  These are outlined below.

Support Component

Rationale for Inclusion

Strength & Power

Strong links between improved performance in sport and increased strength and power in athletes.


Focus on acceleration, deceleration and change of direction.

Sports Psychology

To develop key characteristics that improve both individual and team performance in sport.

Sports Nutrition

Aimed at providing tips and guidance on how to maximise performance through diet and hydration.

Core Sports Specific

Year-round support for the development of core skills with sport-specific coaches.


Developing flexibility and strength around joints and through the core.

A range of levels of support is available to pupils.  The programme aims never to exclude anyone from achieving success but especially regarding higher-end support is naturally limited by the contact time available. 

Each area features a three-tiered system of support:

  • Small group sessions
  • Practical workshops, remote support
  • Lectures and group clinics

The level of support is decided on a case-by-case basis with the overall decision being made by the Director of Sport with reference to the following factors:

  • Current level of performance
  • Potential in chosen sport
  • Referral information from HoS or accredited coach
  • Age
  • Commitment to attending sessions
  • Attitude to sport - whether the pupil is a role model both in sport and the wider school
  • Current academic performance 

For information on expectations, reviews and the application process.  Please contact Mr Cowan