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Serving & Volunteering

Here are some ideas of voluntary or charitable activities to do at home - you can make a difference!


  • Care Homes - During this period of lockdown residents in care homes have not been able to receive visits from their families and friends.  Many residents are feeling quite lonely and isolated at this time.  

    We would like you to write a letter to a care home resident.  Start your letter with 'Hello' rather than 'Dear' as your letter will be sent to several care homes.  Please write your letter electronically on Word and forward to your Tutor once finished.  Care home residents love to hear what children have been doing so you could include how you enjoyed the recent snow days, what book you are reading or if you have baked a cake.  Sign the letter off with your first name only.

    We look forward to receiving your letters and forwarding them to our care home contacts.

  • Friend In Deed -  take a look at Friend In Deed Facebook feed for some ideas for how to contact your local care home 
  • Help with learning for Primary School aged children - make a video of yourself reading an age appropriate story or of a fun way to learn times tables.

Don't forget to send in any videos or examples of your work to us!