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House activities


The inter-House, Half-term, Activity

Concept – This competition is based on the fantastic game “Mousetrap” but needs your ingenuity!

How to Win – The winning House will have the longest, aggregated, time for a ball to travel along a track, under gravity, indoors, but without touching the floor!

How to play – Each pupil constructs a track, channel or path along which a small ball (marble, golf ball or tennis ball) can travel under gravity.

What can you use to make the track? Any indoor household item e.g. paper, card, vacuum cleaner tubes, sticks, furniture, string etc

How do I submit my results? Send a video clip of your ball rolling down your track, along with the total time of the descent to your Tutor. You can only submit the time that your ball keeps moving under gravity alone. The trick is to keep your ball moving but as slowly as possible!

What is the deadline? Submit your entry by 4pm Friday 19th February.

The total time for each House will determine the outcome of the competition!

Here are two examples