A Level Physics - Preparation for Year 11 Pupils

The following resources are designed to help prepare you for studying A-Level Physics. At Norwich School we follow the OCR A Physics course.

In Year 12, pupils will study the fundamentals of mechanics, electric circuits and waves, while we also introduce the intriguing and counter-intuitive world of Quantum Mechanics.

In Year 13, pupils encounter electric and magnetic fields, capacitors and simple harmonic motion. However, they also explore nuclear physics, astrophysics, and diagnostic and treatment techniques in medicine. The course has recently been augmented with the latest ideas concerning dark matter and particle physics.

A Level Physics Preparation Scheme of Work

Week 1 Lesson Slides

Week 1 Homework

Week 1 Homework Answers

Week 2 Lesson Slides

Week 2 Homework

Week 2 Homework Answers

Week 3 Lesson Slides

Week 3 Homework

Week 3 Homework Answers

Week 4 Lesson Slides

Week 5 Assessment

Week 5 Assessment Answers