Philosophy, Religion and Ethics

A Level Philosphy, Religion and Ethics - Preparation for Year 11

A Level Philosophy, Religion and Ethics Reading List

The A Level Philosophy, Religion and Ethics course invites pupils to consider complex ethical, philosophical and religious questions in a structured and intelligent way, promoting the appreciation of alternative and equally valid points of view.

At A-level we follow the AQA syllabus.

Component 1Philosophy of religion and ethics: arguments for the existence of God; evil and suffering; religious experience; religious language; miracles, self and life after death; issues of human life and death; issues of animal life and death; an introduction to meta ethics; free will and moral responsibility; conscience, Bentham and Kant.

Component 2Study of religion (Christianity): sources of wisdom and authority; God/gods/ultimate reality; self, death and the afterlife; good conduct and key moral principles; expression of religious identity; religion, gender and sexuality; religion and science; religion and secularisation; religion and religious pluralism.