A Level Music Preparation for Year 11

A Level Music Handbook Part 1

A Level Music Handbook - Part 2

A Level Music Handbook - Part 3

A Level Music Handbook - Part 4

A Level Music Handbook - Part 5

The resources for Music at A-Level follow the AQA specification. In this course pupils examine key works from a wide repertoire and learn to notate, describe and analyse the music they see and listen to.

The core repertoire consists of music from the 16th -19th centuries and includes that of Purcell, Bach, Vivaldi, Mozart, Chopin and Grieg. Two further modules explore the development of 20th century music, including Pop and Jazz.

Pupils develop their understanding of harmony and composition techniques by looking at styles including chorales and free composition. They also perform and record pieces for assessment.

At A2, pupils record one solo performance of 10-15 minutes, with the minimum expected standard of Grade 7-8.