Art History

A Level Art History - Preparation for Year 11 Pupils

Year 11 Preparation for A Level Art History

At Norwich School, Cambridge Pre-U Art History is taught as an option in the Sixth Form.

This course develops a high level of visual and/or other forms of awareness and develops the critical understanding of works of art, placing them firmly in the context in which they are found. The subject content is chronologically wide ranging, extending from the art of classical antiquity to that of the present day, and covering a wide variety of media.

The course is assessed at the end of the two years across four papers. Paper 1 is a visual survey of Western and Non-Western art. Pupils will study Painting, Sculpture and Architecture from the Classical World to the 21st Century. There are two historical topics in Paper 2 which are ‘the Italian Renaissance c.1400 to c.1600’ and ‘Art and Architecture in Europe and the USA in the 20th Century’. Paper 3 covers the theme of ‘Art and the City – Venice’. This involves a biennial fieldtrip to Venice which forms the basis for this module. Paper 4 takes the form of a Personal Investigation assessed via a 3,000 word essay.

The course assumes no previous knowledge of the subject and is suitable for the wide range of candidates who wish to develop their interest in, and enjoyment of, this fascinating field of study. The course is equally ideally suited to those wishing to study Architecture or Art, or other humanities subjects at competitive institutions.

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