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Activities are categorised into Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum challenges which you may choose to complete at whichever level you wish. We would hope that you take on at least one of the challenges and you are welcome to get your family involved too!

You are NOT expected to complete every challenge in every category, select one that you like the look of and have a go! A rough guide to how long the activity should take is given.


BRONZE IDEAS (est. 20 minutes)

  • Write and film a monologue capturing how you feel about school being closed and everyone having to stay at home.
  • Draw characters on your 1st finger and create a ‘finger puppet’ show where you narrate a conversation between your two characters. Rehearse it, film it and send it in!


SILVER IDEAS (est 40 minutes)

  • Create a character (with playdoh, plasticine or blu-tack) and film it doing something simple e.g. walking, eating. Use your phone camera to create a film burst or take single images and put them together in a short stop motion animation.
  • Create a survival video to send out to others giving them hints and tips about what they can do to keep busy, positive and active!
  • Film your pet and then add a 'what they are thinking' voiceover onto it (using 1st person so as though you are your pet)


GOLD IDEAS (est 60 minutes)

  • Using an old shoe box, create a shoe box version of your bedroom. Have a look at some ideas here!
  • Create a ‘Day in my life’ film that captures a typical day in your household, film short snippets of events and activities and cut them together to create a short film. You can include other members of your family (with their permission) and add voiceover, music, sound effects if you wish!
  • Create a step by step instructional video to build, make or create something - this could be baking, building a paper aeroplane, building something with lego, potting a plant, folding clothing...


PLATINUM IDEAS (est 90 minutes)

  • Create and film an advert for a product that you find in your kitchen cupboard, make sure you use all your persuasive techniques to sell the product. Think about the different camera angles you can use, the style of language, music and jingles.
  • Take a short story that you know - it could be a fairly tale or something similar - and write it into a script which includes characters dialogue, stage directions, lighting and sound cues. Get creative and rewrite it in a different style or in a different setting.



ALWAYS let others know what you are doing and why.

ALWAYS look before you film and make sure you are fully aware of your surroundings and your safety in them.

ALWAYS ask permission from other people that you intend / want to film, if they say no then don’t film them.

ALWAYS be creative and individual in your thinking, try not to copy what others have done but think for yourself.

HAVE FUN and SHARE YOUR WORK by sending it in and showing us what you have been up to!