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Psychology is taught in the Sixth Form at Norwich School. 

The mind is something intangible that exists within our brain; an unseen process of enzymes, chemicals and electric currents. But why is it that some people suffer from stress or mental illness? Or that others are considered abnormal for deviating from social norms? Psychology looks at questions like these and more. It’s a fascinating science with cutting edge research that has real world applications.

In Lower 6 we will cover the topic areas:

  • Introductory topics in psychology: learn about conformity, social norms, how the mind remembers and forgets and how children form attachments
  • Psychology in context: learn more about the different approaches in psychology and how to design and conduct your own research.

In the second year of the course you’ll deepen your understanding of human behaviour. You’ll study additional topics including approaches in psychology, bio-psychology, research methods and issues and debates in psychology. You then choose three further topics; one from each of three option groups.

  • Issues and debates in psychology: learn about the fascinating tendencies of human behaviour, with options looking into gender differences and the criminal mind.
  • Issues and options in psychology: you’ll learn more about psychological concepts, research methods and ethical issues.

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