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At Norwich School we recognise the importance of pupils’ personal and social development, and their physical and mental well-being. These are aspects of a well-rounded education that are without question at least as important as exam results.  

The school’s PSHE programme is designed to produce young men and women who are able to make informed decisions when faced with challenging situations at school and beyond.

Pupils follow the eight strands of our programme throughout the Fourth and Fifth Forms. 

4th Form

To ensure continuity and development throughout the Fourth Form pupils in each year group pursues a specific PSHE course that builds upon what they learnt in previous years.

Lower 4 and Upper 4 each attend a weekly, 40-minute PSHE lesson in which specialist teachers cover the following eight topics through a four-week rotation:

  • Sex & Relationships - Appropriate language, puberty, body image, parenthood, laws relating to sex
  • Knowing Myself - Communication, behaviour, relationships, managing conflict
  • Drugs & Alcohol - Types and effects of alcohol and drugs, laws relating to each, sources of advice
  • Online Life - Privacy, cyber-bullying, social networking, online gaming
  • Healthy Mind - Happiness, sleep, effects of sugar and caffeine, balancing work and play
  • Healthy Body - Healthy diets, importance of exercise, body image and the media, self-esteem
  • Living Together - The global community, stereotypes, protected characteristics, race, gender, sexuality
  • ResilienceManaging stress, fight or flight responses, bullying, loss and bereavement

5th Form

Building on their work in the Fourth Form, pupils in Lower 5 cover the following topics in their weekly PSHE lessons:

  • Sex & Relationships - Contraception, STIs, consent, objectification of women, ‘Sexting’
  • Knowing Myself - Identifying strengths and difficulties, goal setting, happiness
  • Drugs & Alcohol - Legal highs including laughing gas, online drinking games, peer pressure
  • Online Life - Risks of grooming, identity theft, laws relating to online behaviour
  • Healthy Mind - Mental health disorders, anxiety, anger, depression
  • Healthy Body - Binge eating, dieting, eating disorders
  • Living Together - Debating, necessity of law, importance of democracy, spiritual development
  • Resilience - Creative visualisation, relaxation techniques, managing success and failure

Each term, pupils in Middle 5 and Upper 5 receive addresses from visiting speakers that cover the eight topics listed above. In addition, tutors deliver a programme of topic-led discussions in weekly tutorial sessions.