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Learning Support

Norwich school offers a rich, varied and broad education that develops the diverse talents of all pupils.

The Learning Support department recognises that some pupils can face barriers to learning and have additional learning needs.

We work closely with curriculum departments and the wider school community to identify gaps in learning and to plan and implement support for our pupils.

Working in partnership with the pupil, parents and carers, teachers and other professionals we endeavor to offer tailored help, support and encouragement to allow each individual to make the best progress possible and become increasingly independent with their learning.

Alongside effective classroom teaching specific support may be offered to pupils such as:

Small group literacy support or study skills support, typing skills programmes, social skills support or 1:1 support sessions.

When joining the school, some pupils will already have been identified as having additional needs however sometimes effective compensatory strategies can mask difficulties and issues may not have manifest themselves prior to entry.

Alongside the schools ongoing monitoring procedures for pupil progress all pupils in L4 and L5 are screened to help identify any underlying difficulties. If any concerns are identified or subsequently reported by teaching staff then, in collaboration with parents, teacher observations and assessments are used to identify pupils who may have some additional support needs and to establish appropriate support.

Where pupils with additional needs meet the criterial laid out by the Joint Council for Qualifications the learning support department will put in place the appropriate level of adjustments for examinations.

The advice and support from the Department is open to all pupils at Norwich School not just those that have specific learning difficulties.

For further information about out approach to learning support please see the policies section of the website.