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Business Enterprise

Business Enterprise is taught in the Sixth Form at Norwich School.
The Business Enterprise course is aimed at pupils who want to develop an existing enthusiasm for entrepreneurship and go on to gain a broad, holistic, yet academic understanding of business. The course will help pupils to develop a critical appreciation of business behaviour studied from a range of perspectives, with pupils generating their own enterprising and creative approaches to opportunities, problems and issues.
Pupils get a head start from lifetime of exposure to business functions such as marketing and branding. Other aspects of corporate activity are likely to be familiar, such as accountancy and finance concepts, or leadership and management practices. Pupils will also be aware of the ethical dilemmas and responsibilities faced by organisations and individuals. They will acquire a range of relevant skills including decision making, problem solving, critical analysis and the challenging of assumptions. This will lead them to apply numerical skills in a range of business contexts. The course is built on understanding the choices and dilemmas faced by real businesses in the UK and wider world.
A-Level business skills are exceptionally applicable and practical. One noted advantage of study in the subject is the extent to which is opens up ideas for career pathways through the investigation of so many business functions and activities. The subject combines well with many others, such as Design and Languages.  Pupils often study Business Enterprise alongside a variety of Humanities, Arts and Science courses. Business Management is the most popular undergraduate course in the UK today.
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