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Senior School news

Winners of the Inter-House Bake-Off announced

23 April 2020

The results of the Inter-House Bake-off are here! Pupils were asked to bake anything, the more unique and 'showstopping' the better.

Our Catering Manager, Darren Fitzpatrick, chose the below top 3 entries and winners from each House:

The results and Darren's comments on the top 3 bakes can be seen below:

1. Lucy Conroy (E) - Darren commented "This was an extremely neatly decorated and delicious looking cake with a wonderful rainbow decoration positioned proud and prominent on top with the added surprise of once cut into, it was in fact a very complicated looking rainbow cake which highlights what skills Lucy has in the Kitchen."

2. Charlie Hutchinson (V) - "What can be said but THREE TIERS! All different flavours of cake which look very well baked. 5 stars for effort, a worthy silver medal."

3. Kyran Dimtry (R) - "Lots of detail on the design of this unique and lovely looking cake, a very nice touch to provide some pictures of the cake being made and the effort that was put in."

4. Berry Ward (S)

5. Simon Rai (C)

6. Barnaby Carson (B)

7. Alice Strive (N)

8. Grace Pank (P)

Bake off 8
bake off 7
Bake off 6
Bake off 5
Bake off 4
Bake off 3
Bake Off 2
Bake Off Finalists