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Senior School news

Upper Sixth celebrate offers of places at a range of top universities

01 March 2021

The list of offers below will be updated periodically as offers come in.

Many of our current Upper Sixth are celebrating after being offered places at a range of top universities. Despite the restrictive effects of the coronavirus pandemic, the UCAS cycle for 21/22 year continues and we maintain our concentration on what is important: supporting individuals so that our leavers can go onto exciting, positive future routes. A key part of the Norwich School journey is future pathways, getting pupils where they want to go. This is true whether that pathway is university, an apprenticeship, Art Foundation course or straight into the world of employment.

UCAS remains a key route for many of our pupils and Norwich School candidates have already received many offers. Whilst some universities and most medical schools will not make decisions until late February or early March, it is appropriate to recognise the exciting offers already coming in for our U6.

Congratulations to all those receiving offers:


  • Phoebe Chapman: Natural Sciences, Newnham
  • Jamie Dawes: Geography, St Catharine's
  • Michael Haney: Medicine, St John's
  • Jonathan Lynne: Natural Sciences, Corpus Christi


Medicine (with more news to follow Easter)

  • Michael Haney: Exeter and Cambridge
  • Josh Wiggins: Bristol, Edinburgh and Nottingham
  • Alice Lily Nnene: UCL
  • Francesca Riordan: Birmingham, Newcastle
  • Rosie Moulton: Cardiff


Veterinary Medicine

  • Megan Newbery: Nottingham


Healthcare-related courses:

  • Monty Platt: Coventry and Leicester, Physiotherapy
  • Yin Chun Wong: Huddersfield, Physiotherapy
  • Nihaal Hanif: Swansea, Applied Medical Science
  • Ronia Koo: Reading, Cardiff, Pharmacy and Chemistry


Creative Courses:

  • Alex Hampsheir: Dundee, Architecture
  • Harrison Groom: Bristol, York, Leeds, Nottingham Trent, Film and TV production
  • Harvey Sillitoe: Birmingham City, Coventry, Liverpool and York, Music Technology and Sound Recording
  • Ashley Thorpe: Durham, Leeds, York, Music
  • Charlotte Pollard: Birmingham, Bristol, Durham and Kings, Music
  • Sophie Duez: Bournemouth, Nottingham Trent, with unconditional offers from Falmouth and NUA, Illustration
  • Elley Brooke: Queen Mary, Brunel and Loughborough, Product Design Engineering
  • Ellie Hobden: Brighton, Queen Mary, Design Engineering
  • Andie Man: Ravensbourne, Digital Film Production
  • Amalia Nolan: Northumbria, Nottingham Trent, Fashion
  • Maddie Peachment: Northumbria, Nottingham Trent, Loughborough, Graphic Design
  • Mei Li Rumsby: Bournemouth, Games Design
  • Kathy Tam: Brighton, Graphic Design
  • Annabel Wilkes: Manchester, Nottingham Trent, Oxford Brookes, Architecture
  • Allan Smith: De Montfort, Acting



  • Chenwu Zhao: Imperial, UCL, Kings and Bristol
  • Advik Chitre: Imperial, Bristol, Durham and Exeter
  • Harry Thomson: Durham, Edinburgh, Exeter and Newcastle
  • Patrick Thomas: Bath, Bristol, Loughborough and Surrey
  • James Price: Bath, Bristol, Loughborough and Sheffield.
  • Jade Adams: Newcastle, Nottingham, Sheffield and Surrey.
  • Tobias Bean: Durham, Loughborough, Newcastle, Nottingham and Warwick
  • Alex Creasy: Newcastle, Durham, Lancaster, Warwick, Exeter
  • Charles Creasy: Bristol, Newcastle, Northumbria, Leeds, Exeter
  • Louis Davies: York
  • Jack Riches: Newcastle, Strathclyde, Lancaster, Exeter
  • Kaiser Shaikh: Exeter
  • Harry Thomson Durham, Edinburgh, Exeter, Newcastle
  • Elle Brooke: Imperial, Queen Mary, Loughborough and Brunel, Engineering/Design
  • Caspian Hempsall: Surrey, Swansea, Sheffield and Liverpool
  • Josh Kohler: Exeter, Glasgow, Bath, Swansea


Sports Science

  • Amy Barker: Swansea, Birmingham and Exeter for Psychology
  • Ben Blowers: Loughborough, Bath, Leeds and Birmingham
  • Billy Evans: Brunel, Derby, Northumbria, Nottingham Trent and Plymouth
  • Jake Garside: Northampton, Nottingham and Nottingham Trent
  • Alex Tomkinson: Loughborough, Chichester, Lincoln, Oxford Brookes, and Liverpool John Moores



  • Sophia Basset: Durham, Newcastle, Bristol, Exeter
  • Tsz Wah Chan: Reading, Winchester, Bradford, Brighton, Royal Holloway
  • Abbie Mitchell: UEA, Southampton, Loughborough, Royal Holloway
  • Ben Read: Hull and Lancaster
  • Karen Xu: Bristol, Exeter, UCL, Kings


Business/ Business Management

  • Isaac Birch: Exeter, Newcastle, Nottingham Trent, Leeds
  • Lucy Cox: Durham, Sheffield Hallam, Oxford Brookes
  • Charlie Hulbert: Nottingham, Nottingham Trent, Northumbria
  • Cerise Hunter: Strathclyde, Nottingham Trent
  • Max Knight: Liverpool, Sheffield, Manchester Metropolitan
  • Conor O’Sullivan: York, Aston, Dundee, Newcastle, Nottingham Trent
  • Oliver Reek: Nottingham Trent, Northumbria
  • Edward Taylor: Bath, Durham, Exeter, Cardiff, Lancaster
  • Joseph Thompson: Exeter, Falmouth, Portsmouth, Southampton, Plymouth
  • Scarlett Udy: Bristol, Exeter, Durham
  • James Webster: York, Exeter, Cardiff, Loughborough
  • Conor O’Sullivan: York, Dundee, Newcastle, Aston, Nottingham Trent


Marketing/ Management

  • Raff Brown: Manchester Met, Nottingham Trent, Northumbria, Sheffield
  • Lucy Cox: Durham
  • Charlie Hulbert: Nottingham
  • Scarlett Udy: Bristol, Exeter
  • James Webster: Loughborough



  • Amelia Barclay: Leeds, Liverpool, Nottingham, Loughborough, Manchester
  • Molly Doak: Exeter, Loughborough, Sheffield
  • Abbie Mitchell: Royal Holloway
  • Curtis Yip: Durham, Manchester, Lancaster, UCL



  • Alice Palmer: Durham, Reading, Brighton, Primary Education



  • Charlie Peacock: Bristol, Durham, Warwick
  • Joelle Lok: Warwick
  • Revanth Roy: Warwick
  • Daniel Simpson: Lancaster, Nottingham, York.
  • Robert Ackerman: Bristol, York, Newcastle, Exeter
  • Ezra Khan: Birmingham, Lancaster, Sheffield, Liverpool.
  • Jemima Easter: Exeter Law with European Study



  • Debangshu Chakrabarti:  Durham, Kings and UCL, Maths
  • Thea Parau: Bath, Bristol, UCL, Maths (with study abroad)
  • Kachun Tam: Kings, Maths
  • Hau Yin Kelvin Tsang: Bath, Warwick


Computer science

  • Benjamin Ferrey: Leeds, Nottingham, Kings, UEA
  • Stefan Maxwell: Southampton, Leeds
  • Dayyan Mirza: Cardiff, Newcastle, Queens
  • Vikash Senthil Kumar: Kings, Manchester, Warwick
  • Haygen Sze: Newcastle, Queen Mary, Southampton, Sussex
  • Callum Gray: Durham



  • Abigail Durand: Birmingham, Newcastle, Loughborough and Leeds, Natsci
  • Joshua Gosling: Bath, Durham, UCL, Natsci
  • Joanna Jia Qi Lin: Kings, Biomedical Sciences
  • Theo Moore: Birmingham, Durham, Southampton, Warwick, Physics
  • Rosie Moulton: Kings, Biomed
  • George Corson: UEA, Kings, Swansea, Sheffield: Biochemistry
  • Joshua Field: UEA, York, Sheffield: Biochemistry
  • Zachary Taylor: UCL, Edinburgh, Newcastle: Biological Sciences
  • Elina Garg: Kings, Cardiff, Neuroscience, Pharmacology
  • Christabella Aldrich: UCL, Cardiff, Biomedical Sciences
  • Mathew Pitcher: Brighton, Biomedical Sciences
  • Wong Yin Hei: Birmingham, Cardiff, Liverpool, UEA, Biomedical Sciences and Pharmacy
  • Jeanus Shum: Newcastle, Queen Mary, Biological Sciences



  • Lucy Garside: Bristol, St Andrews, UCL, French and Spanish
  • Henry Hindle: Exeter, Kings, Manchester and Warwick, History and MFL
  • Robert McCall: Newcastle, Bristol and Durham MFL
  • Marianne Smith: Exeter, Lancaster, Southampton, Warwick, for MFL
  • Molly Carroll: Exeter, Bristol, Kings, Newcastle
  • Jemima Easter: Exeter, Leeds, Newcastle, Durham
  • Emma Sibley: Leeds, Exeter, Newcastle, Birmingham, Queens Belfast



  • Elsa Ardern: UEA, History
  • Archie Nolan: Exeter, Sheffield, York, History
  • Saffron Roberts: York, History 
  • Henry Binks: UEA and Warwick, History and Politics
  • Olivier Croston: Kings, York, History and International Relations
  • Ellie McKay: Durham, Exeter and Royal Holloway, Ancient History
  • Emily Cahir: Exeter, Lancaster
  • Christian Eade: Bristol, UEA, Kent, York, Lancaster
  • Olivia Holdcroft: Bristol, Kings
  • Jude Widdowson: Exeter, Manchester, Newcastle and Durham for Anthropology
  • Henry James: Southampton, Liverpool, Swansea: Ancient History


Other Humanities courses:

  • Grace Murray: Glasgow, Queens Belfast, York, English
  • Daniel Possener: Bristol, Liberal Art and Edinburgh, Theology
  • Kitty Womack: Bristol and UCL, English


Economics and related courses:

  • Edward Bayes: Bristol, York, Warwick, Economics
  • Joe Beadman: York, Economics
  • Rueben Gopaul: Durham, Warwick and UCL, Economics
  • Surya Jyothi: Durham, Warwick, Economics
  • Daniel Tharian: Durham, Newcastle, and Warwick, Economics
  • Gerald Ikazoboh: Loughborough, Nottingham, Warwick, Politics and Economics
  • Tom Bailey: York, Lancaster, Bath, Exeter
  • Isaac Birch: Leeds
  • Christopher Fordham: UCL, Manchester, Leeds, Exeter, Economics and History
  • Albert Salimov: Leeds, Newcastle, Nottingham, Nottingham Trent
  • Leo Sargent: Leeds, Newcastle, York, Lancaster, Bath
  • Cameron Verney: Newcastle, Nottingham
  • Adam Bowles: Kings, York, Manchester, PPE


Accounting and Finance

  • Elliott Fox: Westminster, Exeter, Nottingham
  • Freddie Jenner: Birmingham, Northumbria, Coventry, Newcastle
  • Oliver Reek: Northumbria


Real Estate

  • Jack Kirby: Northumbria, Oxford Brookes, Reading



  • Kitty Taylor: Bristol and Newcastle, Geography
  • Caitlin Fox: Durham, Exeter, Lancaster and St Andrews, Geography
  • James Baker: Durham, Nottingham, UCL, Imperial, Newcastle
  • Isobel hipper: Newcastle, Glasgow, Exeter
  • Beth Hood: Southampton, Durham, Exeter
  • Max Merron: Leeds, Newcastle, Durham, Exeter
  • Augustus Plater: Cardiff, Southampton, Durham, Exeter
  • Oliver Sibley: UEA, Durham, Exeter, Bristol
  • Jonathan Elkins: Royal Holloway and Nottingham


History of Art

  • Nicola Dawson: Birmingham, Courtauld Institute, SOAS, UCL, Manchester


Other offers

  • Andie Man: Kings and Ravensbourne as well as NYU for Media and Film
  • Ronia Ku: University College Cork, Medicine
  • Joseph Beadman: University of Chicago majoring in Politics