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Senior School news

Two thirds of Norwich School entrants achieve certificates in the Cambridge Chemistry Challenge

10 July 2017

This year 39 Norwich School lower six pupils took part in the Cambridge Chemistry Challenge, a gruelling test of the application of chemical knowledge to unfamiliar and novel problems. 7000 students from 500 schools took part this year, and it was pleasing that two thirds of Norwich School entrants achieved a certificate, a higher number than in recent years. Certificates are only awarded to those candidates who are able to think their way successfully through material well beyond the confines of the A-level and under significant time pressure.

We obtained 1 gold, 6 silver and 19 copper awards:

Gold (only awarded to the top 9% of students) – Wenqing Lou

Silver – Emma Cadley, Alex Choy, Justin Lok, Charlotte Tebbutt, Samuel Walker, Max Woolterton

Copper – Toby Barber, Cassie Chen, Katie Cox, Robert Duffy, Annabelle Eccleshall, Matthew Gaskins, Matthew Hanrahan, Neeraj Hari Krishnan, Eleanor James, Macsen Laming, Georgia Leggett, Nima Moghaddas, Zuzanna Rozycka, Luke Shaw, Wian Stipp, Alex Stoner, Sri Vulla, Thomas Williams, King Yin Suen

Well done to all those who gained awards, a significant achievement in such a demanding test of knowledge past the curriculum, and especially to Wenqing Lou for her Gold award.