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Senior School news

The school celebrates World Book Day 2018 #shareastory

08 March 2018

The school celebrated World Book Day 2018 this Wednesday 7th March. 

Lauren Child, Children's Laureate, spoke about how the World Book Day theme this year is #shareastory. The idea being that we are all beginning to understand the importance of wellbeing and how reading nourishes our minds. Reading gives us an understanding of ourselves and other people. 

Reading can give us much needed down time and sharing stories is a great way to talk and laugh about your own ideas and stories with friends and family. 

It is difficult to fit reading into a day, but World Book Day are suggesting that even just 10 mins a day can make a crucial difference to child's life ...and its fun for all involved!

We caught up with pupils and asked them to share a story with us. They chose their favourite book and described why they would recommend it to a friend. Find the videos of these on the Norwich School Twitter feed.