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Senior School news

The Estate's Team and the Norwich School Community

02 March 2018

The Norwich School community is one to be proud about and is definitely missed when there is not the buzz of the school day. The school's Estate Team know this only too well, especially after the last 3 days of snow. 

The Estate's Team have been working hard every single morning this week, often from 3am, to ensure the site is as safe as possible. This is not only for pupils and staff of Norwich School but also for the community of people that live and work in the close and walk through the site on a daily basis. 

As well as the difficult task of clearing of the school site, two members of the team have gone above and beyond to help their own communities. Our Electrician, Ady, has been putting his Defender to good use, freeing stranded vehicles which were stuck in the snow drifts. Whilst our Assistant Estates Manager has been helping other motorists, pushing their vehicles up Constitutional Hill.

Following on from the Head Master’s message last night, about helping the community, we'd love to hear of any other similar good will stories.  

Below are some photographs of our Estate's Team hard at work this week as well as photographs of the grounds they've cleared and two photographs from Ady's freed vehicles.