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Senior School news

Storm Troopers, Trampolines and Toilet Roll: Norwich School Community Gets Involved in the 2.6 Challenge

01 May 2020

The Norwich School community have been taking part in the national 2.6 Challenge, an effort to raise much-needed funds for a whole range of charities. 

The 2.6 Challenge follows the postponement of the Virgin Money London Marathon, which was due to take place in April. As many charities would normally receive funding from donations collected by runners at this event, and many other fundraising events which have had to be cancelled, the 2.6 Challenge is an opportunity for everyone to help raise money for their favourite cause.

Norwich School pupils and their families (and in some cases their pets!) have all been getting involved by completing "2.6" themed activities in the name of charity and community spirit:

Hannah Mitchell (L3M) ran 26 laps of 2.6 metres to raise money for the Big Disability Group charity 

Isaac Schaad performed 26 pieces on his violin from memory for Great Ormond St Hospital Charity 

Imie James (L5) completed 260 bounces on a trampoline for Cancer Research UK 

Alice Palmer (L6) sang 26 musical theatre songs over a 2-hour livestream for Stonewall charity 

The Hewitt family rowed 2.6km, 26 times (or 67,600m) between them for their 2.6 Challenge 

Martha Chan (U6) baked a 26-layer crepe cake for her 2.6 challenge 

Will Bartram-Blythe cycled 26 miles around Norwich and Surligham 

Charlie Windle cycled 26.2 miles for his 2.6 Challenge in aid of East Anglian Childrens Hospices 

Maddie Kelly (L5) and her younger sister both ran 2.6km with their father (in times of 9.59 and 12.21 respectively) followed by 26 reps of 10 different abdominal exercises for their 2.6 Challenge 

Beth Hood (L6) and her mother cycled 26 miles around the Broads in aid of Papyrus charity, who work towards suicide prevention 

Oscar Lawrence (U2) walked 2.6 miles around his village, using an Ordnance Survey map 

Barnaby (U4) and Havana (L3) Karlson-Evans completed 26 activities for 26 minutes or 26 repetitions. This included snooker shots, front rolls, star jumps and trampoline bounces

India-Rose Fox completed a 2.6mile run on a treadmill for her challenge 

U4 pupil Daniel White has been attempting to break a Kids Guinness World Record, one saw Daniel vs Toilet Roll as he tried to build the world's tallest tower but using just one hand. 

Abi Hill, Anna, Lizzie and Emily in Upper 5 spent Sunday baking 260 cakes between them as part of the 2.6 challenge. They also delivered the cakes to various Key Workers including the local Police in aid of MacMillan Cancer.  

Ben Rollinson (L5) spent 2 hours and 6 minutes gardening in aid of EACH charity

The Merron family have hand painted a sign that measures 26 metres long which thanks NHS and keyworkers. It will hang on their fence on a main road for a week to encourage passing cars and workers to sign and donate to the Young Minds charity

Tommy Cahir (L4) raised money for the Matthew Project by bowling 26 overs with his father

William Clarke (L4) cycled 15.6 miles (or 2.6 times 6) with his father

Charlotte (U3) and Alexa (L2) Douglas roller skated 2.6km to raise money for Team Macmillan in memory of their grandmother

Maya Riches (U3) visited her local woods to pick up 26 pieces of litter. She quickly raised her goal to 260 pieces and by the end of the day she had collected 336 pieces of litter, including a bicycle saddle and a paintbrush. Her litterpicking was in aid of the World Wildlife Fund

Toby Adlam (U3) cycled 6.2 miles in his Storm Trooper onsie to raise money for the Love the One charity.

Simran Rai ran 26 laps of her street, a 26km cycle ride and 260 kick-ups with a hockey stick to raise money for the NHS

Poppy Francis (U3) completed 2 challenges for 2 charities, doing 26 keepy-ups for Norwich Community Sports Foundation and a group netball challenge to get 26 goals in the quickest time possible, which raised money for Edie's Fight charity

Freya Osborne (U4) cycled 27km from the south of Norwich to the surrounding villages for her 2.6 challenge

Zoe Hornberger (L4) has been playing badminton for 26 minutes a day, over 7 days to raise money for St Martin's Housing Trust

Pupils and their families have clearly enjoyed getting involved with the national effort to support charities and community initiatives. Pupils have used their imaginations to devise activities and challenges despite the current limitations. The 2.6 Challenge continues to run and families are encouraged to take part and find out more information by clicking here.

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