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Senior School news

Spring Inter-House Photography Competition

21 April 2020

Over the past few weeks, pupils across the Senior School have been capturing 'spring' through photography, as part of the inter-house spring photography competition. 

Denisa Illie, the judge, was very impressed by the variety and breadth of things that were chosen to photograph along with the consideration of subject matter, composition and depth in the images.

Choosing winners was very difficult due to the huge volume of entries and the general standard being so high! The names of those who won can be seen below:


L4-L5 Junior Category

1st Place: Kyran Demitri (R)

2nd Place: Max Nicholls (S)

3rd Place: Lily Fairweather (C)


M5-U5 Inters Category

1st Place: Emily Rivett (C)

2nd Place: Kit Whitaker (R)

3rd Place: Adam Chillingworth (B)


L6-U6 Senior Category

1st Place: Kai Welch (P)

2nd Place: Sophie Duez (C)

3rd Place: Andie Man (S)


Overall House judging was conducted by awarding 1 house point for every pupil that entered, 3 points for 3rd, 4 points for 2nd and 5 points for 1st. Therefore the House ranks are as follows:

1) Coke

2=) Repton & School

3) Parker

4) Brooke

5=) Nelson & Seagrim

6) Valpy

Andie Man
Sophie Duez
Kai Welch
Lily Fairweather
Max Nicholls
Kyran Demetri
Adam Chillingworth
Emily Rivett
Kit Whittaker