Senior School news

Sports Day 2024!

04 July 2024

On the penultimate day of term all Senior School pupils enjoyed a full day on the Lower Close for Sports Day 2024.  It proved to be an excellent day with both high level performance and mass participation on show.  In addition to the traditional track and field events all pupils could also represent their House through the 'Old School' sports day events such as the sack and egg & spoon races as well take part in the squadron events which included rowing and kayaking.  The prowess on display in both track and field was fantastic but it was equally pleasing to see the support given to every event by both the participants and supporters when pupils filled in to help ensure their House had a representative.  Victor and victrix ludorum awards are given to the individuals who amassed the best overall performance on the day. They are given to 1 boy and 1 girl from each section of the school:

Juniors: Ben Lowe and Jennifer Mardle  

Inters: Ollie Bayfield and Minnie Andrews  

Seniors: Laurie Williams and Issy Mardle  

Overall the junior section was won by Parker, Inters by Repton and Seniors by Coke who also went on to win the overall title as the best performing House.

Well done to all involved!

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