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Senior School news

Spiral Drama present The Lie Which Killed Two & Broken Brexit Britain

28 March 2018

We are pleased to announce that on Wednesday 18th April, pupils from Lower 4, Upper 4 and Lower 5 will be performing in a selection of three short plays in the Blake Studio. Broken Brexit Britain is a hilarious satire on modern politics, followed up by The Lie Which Killed Two, a brand new historical murder mystery. To round the evening off is The Visitor, in which an under-pressure school council must put on a play as quickly as possible to avoid ruin and doom. Featuring comedy, tragedy (a complete production of Romeo and Juliet in under ten minutes is a particular highlight) and probably a few emotions in between, this showcase is not one to be missed.

This production is the result of both the Norwich School Drama Department and the after school group Spiral Drama, so any pupils interested in either of these two areas are highly encouraged to come along.

Due to delays last term with snow, this is also being performed alongside The Changing Room, the L5 Drama pupils' National Theatre Connections Piece. This is a very exciting opportunity to see a whole range of dramatic work from Norwich School.

To see more photographs from the rehearsals click here. 




























The Lie Which Killed Two by Finn Duncan

The year is 1890 and an unpopular young boy has been found murdered in the street.Who was responsible for this terrible crime and will they ever be brought to justice? Was it the young girl he was bullying? Was it his long-suffering mother? Was it the stall-holder who he stole from? Or someone else altogether...

Told through a series of flashbacks that replay the final days of the boy's life, this intricate and beautifully crafted short play was written by Spiral Drama's own Finn Duncan. A historical murder mystery that will have you gripped until the very last second when the killer may..or may revealed.  













Broken Brexit Britain by Spiral Drama

Theresa May is struggling to keep order in her cabinet. Boris Johnson has gone rogue. David Davis still insists he will get a fair deal for Britain. Donald Trump doesn't know who these people are. Sound familiar? Spiral Drama take a biting and sharp look at the State of the Nation in this hilarious political satire. Audiences will experience 'Brexit Past', Brexit Present' & 'Brexit Future'...which involves the Queen and weaponised Corgis. 

Like the rest of the country, Spiral Drama can not escape from the ups and downs of Brexit and so decided to do what they do best - create some original and innovative theatre that goes some way to helping us all come to terms with what Brexit might mean for future generations. Watch out for the corgis...they bite.