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Senior School news

Spiral Drama Group put on Téleios Thesmós

12 February 2020

Norwich School’s Spiral Drama group, last night put on a performance of Téleios Thesmós - a production written and created by the group themselves.


The 25 minute long play was inspired by several different existing plays and stories, fused together with the pupils’ own ideas.


This self-penned powerful yet amusing piece of theatre delved deep into the idea of what it means to be perfect.


The play is based around the premise of a lazy police chief, who together with his eager junior colleague, begin to investigate the secrets of The Téleios Thesmós – an institution where the pupils all seem perfect… a little too perfect. 


- - -


Spiral Drama is Norwich School’s co-curricular after school Drama group which focuses on empowering the young performers to work with theatre to gain new skills and develop existing ones.


With the emphasis on the positive outcomes drama can bring – increased confidence, self-esteem, creative and critical thinking, problem solving, imagination, public speaking, group and solo work as well as contributing to overall Wellbeing – this dedicated group are very committed and have created some very powerful work over the years. To find out more about drama at Norwich School, please click here