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Senior School news

Sophie Duez (U6) receives offer from prestigious Swedish Academy of Realist Art

10 May 2021

Pupils go on to a range of exciting and different paths after leaving Norwich School, with creative pathways especially becoming increasingly popular. One example of this is talented artist Sophie Duez (U6), who is celebrating a host of university offers, including an offer from the prestigious Swedish Academy of Realist Art.

The Swedish Academy of Realist Art (SARA) provides the highest level of training in realistic drawing and painting, using traditional techniques and methods of the Renaissance, 18th and 19th-century European and Russian academies, as well as outstanding contemporary methods.

Students acquire skills that allow them to create personal, contemporary works of art that meet the standards of excellence and professional craftsmanship set by master artists centuries ago. The academy is located in a small fishing town town called Simrishamn in Southern Sweden.

Sophie is particularly excited as her favourite artist, illustrator Miles Johnston, studied at the Academy and now teaches there.

The Atelier houses between 15-30 students and only take on board between 2-3 international students each term, so to receive an offer is a fantastic achievement. Sophie also has offers from all her other university applications, including two unconditional offers and a place at the Edinburgh Atelier of Fine Art.

Some of Sophie’s amazing artwork can be seen below. These examples are primarily in a fine 0.2mm graphite mechanical pencil.

Sophie Duez 2.jpg
Sophie Duez 7.jpg
Sophie Duez 3.jpg
Sophie Duez 5.jpg
Sophie Duez 1.jpg
Sophie Duez 4.jpg
Sophie Duez 6.jpg