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Senior School news

Pupils Run Successful First Colet Mentoring Session

17 November 2021

This week, Norwich School launched a brand new Community Service Group: Colet Mentoring.

Colet Mentoring involves 10 pupils from Lower 6, who are studying Maths/FurtherMaths and have been trained as maths mentors. They can then offer bespoke 1:1 maths support for a group of Year 10 pupils at a local state school.

The mentor programme uses an app to connect external pupils to our trained maths mentors during homework hours, where they can help solve maths problems.

This week saw the first homework session, with our Lower 6 mentors connecting to pupils from Ormiston Victory Academy. There were some lovely comments from the pupils such as ‘that all makes sense now’ and ‘thank you for helping me to understand’.

This promises to be a great Community Service programme, as both the Year 10 mentees and Year 12 mentors will grow mathematically and also as communicators - whilst learning from each other.

The pupils are helping for an hour a week to start with and we hope to partner with mentors and mentees from more primary and secondary schools as the scheme develops. Pupils are already looking forward to the next session next Monday!

Colet Mentoring.JPG