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Senior School news

Pupils Revanth Roy and Daniel Tharian celebrate achieving 9s in all of their GCSE exams

22 August 2019

This morning saw pupils celebrate a fantastic set of GCSE results with some outstanding individual attainment.

Both Revanth Roy and Daniel Tharian are celebrating achieving 9s in all of their exams. Grade 9 is the highest grade, set above the current A*. 

“I did not expect this at all, and couldn’t be any happier. Thank you, Norwich School, for being so supportive, I could not have asked for more from the school or the teachers.” said Revanth (pictured above).

“Of course I’m very happy and I hope to keep up the momentum next year when I’ll be studying Latin, Futher Maths, Maths and Economics. My results are definitely reassuring for the future, and my parents are incredibly happy too!” said Daniel (pictured above).