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Senior School news

Pupils attend High Energy Particle Physics Masterclass at Cavendish Laboratories

27 March 2019

Five aspiring Lower Sixth Physicists attended the Cavendish Laboratories, Cambridge, for a High Energy Particle Physics Masterclass on Tuesday 26th March.

In addition to attending lectures by world experts involved in cutting-edge research at the CERN Large Hadron Collider, Norwich School pupils also enjoyed seminars on identifying and interpreting interactions of the elusive neutrino particle and statistical techniques used to measure things that you cannot see.

Pupils also participated in practical sessions on sub-atomic particle collisions, cosmic rays and the Higgs Boson where they took the opportunity to ask a series of demanding questions geared to furthering their understanding of this rapidly developing branch of Physics.

Dr Hall, Head of Physics at Norwich School, commented: "The conduct of all pupils was impeccable and they were a credit to the school."