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Senior School news

Pupils at Norwich School have raised more than £800 for disadvantaged children in Argentina

03 May 2017

Sixth formers have been raising money and awareness for the charity La Casita as part of the pupil’s weekly community outreach programme. The pupils have raised the money through their ‘Buy a Brick: Build a School’ project by selling painted, polystyrene bricks out of which they have built a wall in the Bishop’s Palace, representing the building work that the money will go to in Buenos Aires.

Adam King (U6B), who worked on the project, said “I have learnt to appreciate that every little bit of effort which we can squeeze around our hectic school schedule makes a huge difference in distant, much less advantaged areas of the world. I have loved visualising the building of the school in Buenos Aires as I have watched the wall grow, as I know the profound effect which La Casita has on the impoverished children who make use of it."

The charity currently run a day care centre, helping more than seventy young children and adolescents who are living in extremely underprivileged conditions. They are trying to complete the construction of a secondary school, which will house the adolescents and aims to equip the children with the tools to better their lives and the lives of their families, but rely solely on donations. You can find more information on the charity by visiting