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Senior School news

Pupil Ewan Brett successfully voted in as the Central and South Norfolk member of the Youth Parliament.

28 March 2018

Update 28th March: Ewan Brett (U4P) successfully voted in as the Central and South Norfolk member of the Youth Parliament.














Norfolk youth parliament is a group of young people, elected by their peers to stand up for young people in Norfolk and create positive change.

Ewan Brett says:

"I have three key policies: Firstly I am campaigning for a plastic free Norfolk. Plastic is a global problem. If current production continues there will be 12 billion tonnes in our environment by 2050. Marine life including fish, turtles, seals  whales and dolphins are facing irreparable damage from the millions of tonnes of plastic waste which ends up in the oceans each year, in addition to the, as yet unknown, effect on human health. It is a planetary crisis. I will campaign to remove 90% of plastics by having free drinking water supplies throughout Norwich, starting a deposit return scheme for water bottles, dramatically reducing packaging use in supermarkets, saying no to plastic straws and cutlery, supporting beach cleans and stopping the sale of ear buds.

My second policy is to raise awareness for mental health issues. 1 in 4 students will encounter some form of mental health issues including depression, anxiety, bullying and eating disorders. De-stigmatising and increasing the support available is vital. It is of the upmost importance that young people can access appropriate and timely help allowing them to grow in confidence to re-connect with their friends and with society.

Finally for the UK Brexit is probable the most important political and economic event for decades and will have the most impact on our generation. We are global citizens. Our future depends on the outcome of negotiations. That is why I think it is vital that we have a say in the final deal.

If you vote for me I will represent you to the best of my ability. I will listen to your views. I have the skills to make myself heard ensuring we all have a voice. I am determined to make sure that the youth of Norfolk have a positive, economically successful future supporting those in difficulty and taking responsibility for our planet.  We can set an example to the rest of the nation. I will not rest until I have fulfilled my role representing all of you."


Have your voice heard and vote in the Norfolk youth parliament elections. Click here to vote. Voting is live from 19-23rd March 2018. Please make sure to click 'Central and South Norfolk' to vote for Ewan Brett.