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Senior School news

Promise to the Planet

16 November 2021

Between 4th and 12th November pupils learnt about COP26 and its role in tackling climate change and other global issues. Pupils covered who was attending and their roles, what was being addressed, where it was held and when the conference took place. Pupils were particularly moved by Daivd Attenborough’s opening speech which highlighted the issue but also provided hope for the future.

Pupils had the opportunity to discuss real world problems and try to come up with solutions. These discussions covered a variety of topics from ‘what needs to change to lower the impact of food production on the planet?’ to ‘what actions must be taken to support people, wildlife and areas that are affected by climate change?’ Agreement between pupils proved challenging which illustrated how difficult gaining consensus between countries would be!

All pupils completed a leaf to share their own promises alongside what they would like Norwich School and world leaders to do. Pupils came up with some wonderful suggestions from ‘Meat-free Mondays’ in the Refectory to setting up a car sharing scheme for pupils and staff. Their work is currently displayed on pledge trees in P15 and P16.