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Senior School news

Outstanding Results from the British Physics Olympiad Challenges

17 March 2021

In March, pupils from U5 and L6 competed in the British Physics Olympiad Senior and Intermediate Challenges hosted by the University of Oxford, which involves answering a series of highly demanding abstract Physics problems from beyond the GCSE and A Level syllabus. 


In the Senior Challenge, 5300 pupils took part across 380 schools, and we are pleased to announce that our pupils achieved the following outstanding results: 6 Gold Awards, 5 Silver Awards and 6 Bronze Awards (details of pupils below).

Gold:  Jacob Brown, Navaneeth Hari Krishnan, Arjuna Puvanachandra, Flynn Robbins, Benjamin Groat, Karthik Prabhu

Silver:  Matias Ulas, Stephanie Cho, Isaac Man, Ben Scott, Sebastian Gotto

Bronze: George Morris, Aaron Chiu, Venus Chow, Isaac Betts, James Mounfield, Bryony Brierley


In the Intermediate Challenge, 4700 pupils took part across 204 schools, and pupils achieved the following outstanding results: 2 Gold Awards, 4 Silver Awards and 2 Bronze Awards (details of pupils below).

Gold:  Jack Yaxley, Mirha Kashif

Silver:  Natalie Chalk, Alexander Illing, George McKean, Shruthi Kollipara

Bronze: Raul Wigglesworth, Mary Bowles


Well done to all the pupils involved on their fantastic results!