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Our Visit to the Refugee Group! - Written by Lower 4 Pupil, Siya Patel

19 June 2024

Recently, my Lower 4 class were lucky enough to visit the charity English+ refugee group as part of our activities for Refugee Week. 

Starting off, Mrs Song rounded up our class, and brought us to a room in the cathedral, filled with refugees from all over the world. In pairs, we sat with a table of refugees, and learnt interesting things about them.

My partner and I learnt many different facts about the refugees we were sitting with – like how one of their games in their village was to fight over sheep. We also learnt their favourite colours (most of them loved green), what their dream job is (some of them want to start a business, like baking), what their favourite English foods are (they found fish and chips really tasty), and lots more.

After around 20 minutes of fascinating discussion, our visit concluded with the refugees being gifted a pretty plant pot, decorated by the Upper 3 Scouts, and herb seeds to grow their own herbs, along with postcards of welcome from pupils in the Lower School and Senior School.

It was a fun, enlightening experience, which we were all happy to be part of!