Senior School news

One Norwich School Day

20 October 2023

Last week at Norwich School, celebrated not just one, but two remarkable occasions - Norwich School Day and World Mental Health Day. It was a week filled with community kindness and activities aimed at promoting mental well-being, diversity, and inclusion. 

To kick things off, students engaged in a series of invigorating exercises during their tutor sessions, promoting the importance of mental health. The aim was to foster a sense of togetherness and awareness about the significance of taking care of one's mental well-being. As well as an assembly on World mental Health day, celebrating the power of community kindness. 

On Tuesday, the school came alive with the exciting Interhouse Benchball Tournament, organized by Max Nicholls. It was an afternoon of spirited competition and teamwork, bringing students together. 

Midweek, we celebrated Black History Month with a captivating film night featuring "Black Panther" on Wednesday. The movie night was part of a series celebrating Black stories throughout October. 

On Friday, the school united in the One Norwich School Day assembly, where we collectively recognized the power of belonging over ‘fitting in’. It was a time for thoughtful reflection, inspiration, and a reminder that we are all part of one big school family. 

The climax of this week was the One Norwich School Day Fair. The fair showcased a wide array of fun activities, with participation from various school groups, including the Neurodiversity Group, Feminist Society, Pride Group, Round Table, and activities for World Mental Health Day. Pupils led by the talented Dylan Parsons treated us to captivating performances. The Cultural Society delighted our taste buds with a delicious food fair, reflecting the richness of our diverse school community. 

At the end of the school day, the school community were treated to various tastings from all around the world from the Norwich School catering team. From warm and sweet apple gyozas to crispy vegetable samosas, there truly was something for everyone. Pupils even tried their first squid ring! 

The day was a vibrant celebration of diversity, inclusion, and a sense of belonging at Norwich School. It served as a reminder that when we come together, we can achieve great things and support each other in our individual journeys towards better mental health and well-being.