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Senior School news

October Half Term U13 Rugby Tour

03 November 2017

Twenty five members of the U13 rugby squads travelled to the North East of England and Edinburgh for a five day tour at the beginning of the half term holiday.

On the pitch the squads played several shortened games against Morpeth Rugby Club in the North East and Lismore Rugby Club in Edinburgh. All members of the squad received plenty of playing minutes and adapted well to playing with different teammates.

Off the pitch watching an extremely entertaining Scottish premiership match between traditional clubs Heriots and Melrose and visiting Murrayfield, the home of Scottish rugby where we met current international and Great Britain 7s player Mark Bennett, were particular highlights. The trip to combat laser tag allowed the pupils to team up with and against the staff which was particularly good fun and it was Mr Lawton and Mr Conroy’s team who ended up convincing winners. A city sightseeing bus tour and the traditional Mr Grieves quiz were other non-rugby related tour activities.

All the pupils were extremely well behaved at all activities and coped well with the significant time spent traveling on our first and last days of the tour.


U13 Tour Awards 2017

Outstanding Tourist: Guy Kelvey

Coaches Player of the Tour: Jack Minns

Players Player of the Tour: Jared Ikazoboh