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Senior School news

Norwich School's COVID19 Response - An Update

22 May 2020

During the Trinity term Norwich School has continued to support the community through various initiatives. Here is an update on how the school staff and resources have been contributing to the local community. 

Year 11 Resources  - Preparation for A Level Study

Norwich School subject leaders have created schemes of work to help current Year 11 Pupils prepare for studying at A Level whilst their school is closed. These resources have been made available for all Year 11 pupils, and cover a range of subjects. The school is keen to support pupils who would otherwise be sitting their GCSE exams during these weeks and to help bridge the gap between GCSE and A Level study.

The resources are all available through the Norwich School website, and can be found by clicking here.

Meals for Vulnerable People in NR5

The catering team at the school, led by Darren Fitzpatrick, have continued to produce meals for the most vulnerable people through the NR5 Community Hub and the Henderson Trust. The team, which includes volunteers from the 8th Norwich Sea Scouts, have now produced 5120 meals free of charge, all of which have been distributed to those in need. 

Mr Fitzpatrick has been speaking about the team's work on BBC Radio Norfolk, which is available to listen to (from 2:12 onwards) by clicking here.

PPE for Frontline Workers

Our Art and Design team have been producing protective visors for use in medical and care settings. They have now produced over 8,820 visors, which have been donated to over 90 locations in Norfolk and the wider UK. These have been distributed by the school to local hospitals, care homes and hospices. We are incredibly grateful to local businesses; Meridian Business Supplies, Technology Supplies and Thompsons Packaging Limited, who have all donated materials, packaging and delivery services in order for production of these visors to continue.