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Senior School news

Norwich School Success at Norfolk and Suffolk Young Enterprise Finals

09 May 2019

At the Norfolk and Suffolk Young Enterprise finals on Wednesday 1st May, Norwich School were well represented. Congratulations must go to team Iscenic who took the judges’ Special Award and now go through to the Regional Finals later this year. Congratulations also to Norwich School team Lux, who won the judges’ Environmental Awareness Award.

Lux's Managing Director, Amélie Hitchings, reports on her team success:

"It is fair to say that the team that came together to form LUX was quite a disparate group, with nearly half of our group being completely new to Norwich School, but with a little bit of encouragement from our Centre Lead Mr White and Business Advisor Evie we soon started to work together as a team.

With environmental sustainability at our heart, Lux quickly learnt how important it was to value the strengths of each other and engage in healthy discussions to maximise productivity and ensure we have a positive and effective impact on our planet. That’s not to say that we didn’t have a few lively discussions but the level of respect we developed for each other meant that we were always able to come to an amicable conclusion for the good of the company.

Taking part in Young Enterprise has been such a rewarding and unique experience, with every member of our team learning invaluable skills. We’ve learnt to develop our time management skills through balancing our school work with our company, our initiative through brainstorming ways to guarantee our company is successful, our flexibility and problem-solving skills through things not always going to plan and having to remain calm and supportive of each other to reach a suitable outcome, our communication skills through working together as a team and engaging in face to face conversation with our customers: the list could go on forever!

Being Managing Director of Lux has allowed me to work closely and individually with every company member and it has been truly inspiring to see everyone’s journey. My team will agree with me when I say that each of us has grown so much and tackled challenges, which we have learnt from, and wouldn’t have faced, without the opportunity of Young Enterprise and we will be forever grateful for that.

I strongly urge that those coming into the sixth form in the next few years take this opportunity, as it is a great learning experience and lots of fun!"