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Senior School news

Norwich School releases summary of outreach and partnership work in the wider community

24 January 2018

Norwich School is pleased to release Reaching Out, the first summary of the outreach and partnership work conducted by the school.

The Norwich School ethos talks of a loving, compassionate community and one of the school’s key aims is to prepare young people for a lifetime of leadership and service, so they set much store in making a contribution to the wider community. The Reaching Out publication lays out different ways in which Norwich School seeks to be involved with the wider community.

Steffan Griffiths, the Head Master, commented, “We believe that the best projects are two–way enterprises with our pupils, alumni, parents and teachers all benefitting themselves from being involved with people and projects outside Norwich School. We obviously hope that what we do is helpful, but we are keen to help in part because we know that we learn and grow greatly in the process, too.”

The school hopes that the work described in the booklet will be seen by local, regional, national and international partners as the start of a conversation. Nicola Hill is in charge of Outreach at the school and says, “We are open to discussions about collaboration of different kinds and hope that the booklet will stimulate new ideas about how we can help further within the parameters of our school resources, either by building on the projects described or exploring other routes. We are particularly interested in how we can best capture the impact of what we do to ensure that the projects are as useful as possible.”

Please be in touch with the Head Master, Steffan Griffiths,  via or the Assistant Head in charge of outreach, Nicola Hill, on if you would like to discuss any aspect of Norwich School’s outreach further.


The below images show some example of outreach and partnership work undertaken by Norwich School:

Special Olympics

Young Norfolk Arts Festival