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Senior School news

Norwich School pupil Amy Buck selected for Rank Fellowship Leadership Award 2018

09 October 2018

Norwich School pupil Amy Buck (L6P) has been selected for the Rank Leadership Programme 2018. 

The programme accepts around 40 pupils each year from across the UK. Pupils are put forward by their school for having outstanding leadership potential. 

Amy says: 

'Norwich School informed me that I had been selected and I then was sent a few forms from the Rank Foundation conforming my place and telling them a little about myself.

At the beginning of term I went to London for a leadership day where I got to meet the other Fellows my age and worked with them to create films about leadership, as well as meeting the chair of the Fellowship to learn more about the programme.

The award consists of two 'community action placements' across two years which mean that next summer I will be sent to anywhere in the UK to stay for two weeks to help in a charity or community placement.'

Pictured below: Class of 2018 Leadership Award Holders