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Senior School news

Norwich School hosts its first Leadership and Service Conference 'Step Up'

19 October 2017

Stepping up, that is taking action when the opportunity or need arises, was the theme of the first Leadership and Service conference for students at Norwich School. In a Ted-talk style conference, members of Upper 5 were treated to four excellent speakers: English teacher Mr Andy Fisher, Susie Fowler-Watt (BBC), Dan Edwardes (Parkour Generation) and Freya Aquarone (ON).

Leaders from amongst the U5 year group, identified by Tutors and Housemasters, led discussion groups which followed each talk. They then had to feedback from their groups to the Speakers, who would then respond. The speakers commented on the intelligence and thoughtfulness of the comments and questions.

Co-curricular Deputy Head Dr Richard Clark was delighted with the event, “Following the Trafalgar Day Service, remembering one of Norfolk and Britain’s greatest ever leaders, all pupils in the Upper Fifth were fortunate enough to take part in Norwich School’s inaugural Leadership and Service Conference.  During the day the pupils explored what is meant by leadership and were challenged to consider how they engage in their own opportunities to lead.”

He added “We are delighted to have held such an important event; Norwich School aims to help equip pupils for a lifetime of leadership and service and this conference, superbly headed by Mr Sexton, gave all who attended much to consider and aspire to. Many thanks to our fantastic keynote speakers and to all those involved in the organisation of the day.”

Comments by pupils post-event included:

“I found the talks very interesting and I found them inspirational too. I will not be a bystander and I will definitely look to get more involved in leadership things.”

“I learnt that fear can be an indicator of what you are capable of doing. I will try not to conform to social norms when doing so is detrimental.”

“Strive for your goals and maybe going out of your comfort zone is a good thing.”

“As a result of the conference I would like to find my own way to step up and do something for myself and for other people around me and I would really like to learn how to manage my fears. As fear can control someone.”