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Senior School news

Norwich School Dance Show 2019

25 March 2019

The Norwich School Dance Show took place at Epic Studios on the 21st and 22nd March 2019. The level of commitment, talent and creativity of all pupils involved was impressive. With only a few weeks of rehearsal time, all pupils committed to the process and approached rehearsals with enthusiasm and drive. Many of the pieces from the evening were choreographed and organised by the pupils themselves. 

One audience member commented: "It was an amazing showcase of Norwich School talent. My 9-year-old daughter was truly inspired by the evening, she couldn't stop dancing when we got home! The variety of dances and expertise showed was exceptional." 

Throughout both shows, the following acts were performed: 

Pretty Hurts choreographed by Amelie Hitchings
Soul Sisters choreographed by Livi Tighe and Kaitlin Wolmarans
Dancin’ Fools ft. Abi Flatt choreographed by Chris Leek
Machine Gun choreographed by Stephen Knights
Donatella choreographed by Scarlett Collins
Leave A Light On choreographed by Ellie Hayward and Emily Wallace
Indian Dance choreographed by Akshita Brahma
Rise Up choreographed by Beth Gammage
Cell Block Tango choreographed by Chris Leek
Hold On ft. Alice-Lily Nnene choreographed by Gus Sanders & Lucy Cox
Movement choreographed by Ellie Hayward
Jet Set choreographed by Stephen Knights
When You’re An Adams choreographed by Stephen Knights
Attitude choreographed by Christy Wong
Body Pop choreographed by Bradley Beales
Human ft. Jules Kelly choreographed by Ottilie Johnson and Sophia Colman

To see the full programme click here. 

To see all photographs from the shows, visit the Norwich School Shootproof account here.