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Senior School news

Norwich School Cup Run 2019

01 April 2019

Once again the whole school assembled on Mousehold Heath during the last week of term for the annual Cup Run.

The event is one of the highlights of the school's sporting calendar, and this year a new 2km participation House Run was introduced, to encourage more pupils to take part and win House points. 

Nelson and Valpy Houses took joint 1st in the overall house positions, with Repton House winning the House Run.

Congratulations go to the following pupils for coming 1st in their respective races:

Madison Kelly, Daniel Conway, Mia Bartram, Benjamin Tremelling, Kitty Taylor and James Price.

The full results are below:

Cup Run results 2019

House Run

8th            37    Coke                          
Joint 6th   40    Brooke/School      
5th            42    Valpy                        
4th            43    Nelson                      
3rd            45    Seagrim                   
2nd            48   Parker                      
1st             53   Repton                     

Overall House positions

8th             Seagrim
7th             Repton
6th             School
5th             Brooke
4th             Coke
3rd             Parker
Joint 1st   Nelson/Valpy

Junior Girls
3rd  Mia Sexton        Brooke
2nd Maddie Hallam  Nelson
1st Madison Kelly   Repton                                   

Junior Boys
3rd Arthur Turner     Nelson
2nd Max Blaxell       Repton
1st Daniel Conway   Brooke

Junior Girls
3rd Brooke
2nd Nelson
1st  School

Junior Boys
3rd Parker
2nd Nelson
1st Coke

Intermediate Girls

3rd Elizabeth Collinson    Valpy
2nd Niamh Campbell        Coke
1st Mia Bartram              Coke

Intermediate Boys
3rd Freddie Power                 Valpy
2nd William Blyth- Bartram  School
1st  Benjamin Tremelling      Coke  

Intermediate Girls
3rd Nelson
2nd Valpy
1st Coke


Intermediate Boys
3rd Brooke
2nd School
1st Valpy


Senior Girls
3rd Emily Cahir     School
2nd  Eliza Barclay  Parker           
1st  Kitty Taylor    Coke


Senior Boys
3rd Angus Toms      Nelson
2nd Steven Denby   Nelson                                   
1st  James Price       Coke


Senior Girls
3rd Parker
2nd Valpy
1st Coke

Senior Boys
3rd Coke
2nd Valpy
1st Nelson