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Senior School news

Norwich School Chemistry Team win 1st Prize in the Salters' Challenge

25 May 2018

Congratulations to the Norwich School chemistry team who took part in the Salters' Institute Festival of Chemistry, on Thursday 24th May.

The team were awarded first prize in the Salters' Challenge. This was the centenary year of the founding of the Salters' Institute, set up to assist young chemistry students returning from the war to complete their studies. 

The challenge saw the team of Jared Ikazoboh (U4E), Ann Kalu (U4P), Charlotte Read (U4V) and Alastair Wyllie (U4P) use a variety of analytical techniques to solve the 'mystery of the centenary medal'. Later in the afternoon they worked enthusiastically to create a reliable and reproducible foam fire extinguisher using a variety of different chemicals.

The day culminated in an exciting chemical magic demonstration where the team learnt how a variety of kitchen chemicals as well as specialist reagents like liquid nitrogen could be used to illustrate a wide range of chemical phenomena.

Well done to all involved.