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Senior School news

Norwich School at the Norfolk Show

13 July 2022

Norwich School had a fabulous day at the Royal Norfolk Show on Wednesday 29 June and Thursday 30 June. With a multitude of volunteering opportunities and activities available both inside and outside of the Norwich School stand, the two days were jam-packed! Some pupils even had the opportunity to meet Anne, Princess Royal.  

The Norwich School stand was lively as ever with a variety of activities ranging from live performances, face painting, sporting activities and a creative corner. L6 provisional prefects were also volunteering to hand out refreshments and welcome guests to the stand. 

The Sport Department’s goal was to vertical jump as high as the top of The Cathedral spire. By measuring each individual’s jump, the outstanding height of 96m was reached. Thank you to everyone who chipped in and aided in reaching this staggering height.  

In the science zone, future physicists had the opportunity to test their nerves when rolling a ball down a series of pipes. Steady hands and an understanding of momentum was key to be successful at the challenge.  

There was live music from the Norwich School community both inside the Norwich School stand and outside on The Band Stand. Soloists such as Isabella Rushen, Gracie Brand, Abi Mansley and Abigail Flatt took to the stage which was set up inside the stand.  

On The Bandstand, The Many Voices Community Choir were on top form singing their arrangement of Lay Me Down by Sam Smith. Chapel Choir had the opportunity to perform in the official show church service celebrating 175 years of the Royal Norfolk Agricultural Association and the Royal Norfolk Show. It was a brilliant opportunity for Chapel Choir to perform and to hear a reading from Bishop Graham Usher. 

Norwich School pupils loved the opportunity to volunteer outside of the Norwich School stand. We caught up with L6 biologist Jemima Watson to hear about her experience volunteering in the discovery zone. 

‘I was lucky enough to work as a show ambassador with a few other Norwich School pupils at The Royal Norfolk Show this year. We helped in the discovery zone, guiding school children and families through the process of planting a cover crop and growing potatoes to making their very own chips! We were given a full briefing from the stewards about our job so we could teach the children a few fun facts! When we arrived, the stewards appointed our stations and we started straight away. I really enjoyed engaging with the children and hearing some fantastic questions. My favourite question was ‘Do potatoes have legs?’ One Norwich School pupil was so enthusiastic that she wore a potato costume for the whole day. The organizing team did a fantastic job constructing troughs which represented fields in different seasons, and they also displayed a brand-new combine harvester.  

I was very fortunate to meet Princess Anne which was an enormous honour. She asked a few tough questions which I had to leave to the head steward, however, she was especially amused by our pupil dressed as a potato.  

Overall, the day was a blast and it was such a valuable experience. I encourage anyone who has the chance to take this opportunity.’