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Senior School news

New Senior Pupils Announced

12 July 2022

Congratulations to our new Senior Prefects, Pastoral Prefects, House Captains, Deputy Heads of School and to our new Head of School, Pieter de Lange. The roles for next year were announced on the last day of the school year. 


Head of School

Pieter de Lange (E) - Head of School, Clubs and Societies


Deputy Head of School

Mary Bowles ( R) - Deputy Head of School, Fifth Form Council & Whole School Events Lead

Pippa Garrod (R) - Deputy Head of School, Partnerships & Admissions Lead


Senior Prefects

Alex Illing (E) - EDI Lead

Ann Kalu (P) - Academic Lead

Ewan Brett (P) - Sixth Form Council lead

Amy Griffiths (B) - Creatives Lead

Lily Macdonald ((E) - Fourth Form Council Lead

May Maclennan (V) - Girls and Young Women Lead

Jemima Watson (C) - Sports Lead


House Captains

Henry Hood (B)

Bibi Boyce (C)

Macy-Jane Hewitt (E)

Octavia Udy (N)

Alastair Wyllie (P)

Reuben Hollis (R)

Jess Hunter (S)

Millie Hay (V)


Pastoral Prefects

Eli Allen (B)

Oscar Taylor (C)

Maxwell Milton (E)

Libby Cringle (N)

Jocelyn Leung (P)

Freddie Mitchell (R)

Iruo Isiavwe (S)

Honey Wells (V)