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Senior School news

New Senior Pupils Announced

09 July 2021

Congratulations go to our new Senior Prefects, House Captains, Deputy Heads of School and to our new Head of School, Millie Clark. The roles for next year were announced on the last day of the school year. 

The full list of the new senior prefects are:

House Captains (formerly Head of House)

Abi Flatt (B) 

Mia Bartram (C) 

Max White (E) 

Emily White (N) 

Anna Austin (P) 

Toby Hunt (R) 

James Mounfield (S) 

Alice Shaw (V) 


Senior Prefects 

Amelia Cropley (S) 

Isabel Cutts (V) 

Karthik Prabhu (B) 

Bo Spurling (N) 

Benjy Tremelling (C)


Deputy Heads of School 

Abi Hill (B) 

Chloe Davies (E)

Harvey Fisher (C) 

Arjuna Puvanachandra (C) 


Head of School 

Millie Clark (P)