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Senior School news

Miss Wasserberg to read an extract from her debut novel 'Foxlowe'

22 January 2018

One of our English teachers, Eleanor Wasserberg, will be reading an extract from her first novel on the 25th January as part of UEA live. 

Eleanor is a graduate of the Creative Writing MA at UEA. Her debut novel Foxlowe, a dystopian novel about a cult-like commune, was described by the Observer as, 'Meticulously conceived and darkly compelling...'

When Eleanor began the final drafting process for her novel she was surprised to find little traces of her working world in her writing. 'An overheard turn of phrase from the school corridors' or 'The pool of light from a stained glass window, which I watched one morning, daydreaming during Cathedral assembly'.

'I’m delighted and surprised daily by some flash of insight from a student, some writer trick that’s caught their eye, in texts I thought I knew backwards. Aside from this more obvious theft from discussion about what makes literature tick, those small daily observations, journalled and then fictionalised, have become something I use in my writing practice.'


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Words from this article were originally published on Books By Women read more here.