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Lower 6 Academic Scholars Explore Museology

19 June 2024

On Wednesday 19 June, academic scholars visited Cambridge and chose which museums to look around considering their 'museology' which pupils had a workshop on the week before. Pupils all chose different exhibits to illustrate their chosen themes to comment on - from fish fossils to contrapposto, to the differences between human and animal exhibits. Here is a highlight, from L6 Pupil, Sophie Roy.

"When looking at the way that the Fitzwilliam (and sometimes the archaeology and anthropology museum) presented some objects, specifically objects from the Near East/Asia, there seemed to be a distinctive lack of life associated with the artefacts. It’s one thing to tell us where an object might be from, how old it is, but I believe the most interesting aspect of any object is the life that comes with it, as it is the normal, everyday people that can tell us the most about what ancient civilisations were really like. For example, the way some cuneiform tablets are small enough to fit in a hand allows me to picture a scribe 3000 years ago carefully pressing into the clay each symbol. You can actually see the dedication and the years of training that went into each line of writing. It is the actual, living people behind painted pottery and clay tablets and gold jewellery that really defines history."

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